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Community Music Center

Community Music Center

Learn more about the Community Music Center, meet our dedicated bilingual staff, and register your student

Community Music Center Student Spotlight

Community Music Center 2021 Spring Recital

We conducted classes online in 2021, and the learning and music-making were as strong as ever. Special congratulations to the five graduating students who completed two years in the program!

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We accept new students throughout the year.

If your child would like to learn how to play an instrument and is currently in the 4th grade or above, this is the perfect program for them. For more information, please contact LJMS’ Learning and Engagement Director, Allison Boles: 858.526.3438 or

Classes Offered:


When: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
Time: 3:45 PM – 5:45 PM
Where: Logan Memorial Educational Campus, 2875 Ocean View Blvd, San Diego, CA 92113

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Aceptamos nuevos estudiantes durante todo el año.

Si estas en 4to grado; en adelante, y estas interesado en aprender a tocar un instrumento, este es el programa perfecto para ti. Para mas informacion contactar a director de programa: Sr. Serafin Paredes 619.507.8218.

Clases Que Ofrecemos:

Flauta, Clarinete, y Saxofón

Cuando: Lunes, Martes, Y Miercoles
Hora: 3:45 PM – 5:45 PM
Lugar: Logan Memorial Educational Campus, 2875 Ocean View Blvd, San Diego, CA 92113

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Our Staff / Nuestro personal

Serafin Paredes

Community Music Center Director

Xiomara Pastenes

Community Music Center Administrative Assistant

Juan Sanchez

Percussion Instructor

Noila Carrazana

Vocal Instructor

Marcus Cortez

Piano Instructor

Ian Lawrence

Guitar Instructor

Michelle Maynard

Woodwind Instructor

Eduardo Ruiz

Brass Instructor

Rebeca Tamez

Strings Instructor

About the Community Music Center

La Jolla Music Society has operated our award-winning afterschool music program, the Community Music Center (CMC), for over 20 years. Based in Logan Heights at the Logan Memorial Educational Campus (formerly Memorial Preparatory), the CMC is designed to increase students’ self-confidence and resilience, while providing a safe and equitable environment for studying and creating music. 

Research suggests music students outperform their non-music peers, and by offering free instruments and bilingual instruction, the CMC allows students—who may not normally be able to participate in music programs—to gain that advantage. 

The CMC provides free instruments and free group lessons three days a week in seven different instrument families for students in grades 4–12. Students also participate in two recitals each year, which builds self-confidence and pride. In addition to providing free instruments and books for classroom use and at-home practice, LJMS awards students who meet attendance and musical proficiency requirements for two years with a new instrument they can keep for life. With the support of a dedicated and qualified nine-member teaching staff, students’ lives are changed forever building critical learning and life skills through music-making.

Acerca del Community Music Center

La Jolla Music Society ha operado nuestro galardonado programa de música extracurricular, el Community Music Center (CMC), durante más de 20 años. Con sede en Logan Heights en el Logan Memorial Educational Campus (anteriormente Memorial Preparatory), el CMC está diseñado para aumentar la confianza en sí mismos y la autoestima de los estudiantes, al tiempo que proporciona un entorno seguro y equitativo para estudiar y crear música.

El CMC de La Jolla Music Society ofrece instrumentos y libros gratuitos para uso en el aula y práctica en casa. Los estudiantes de CMC (grados 4-12) participan en lecciones grupales gratuitas tres días a la semana en siete familias de instrumentos diferentes que culminan en dos recitales cada año, lo que genera confianza en sí mismos y orgullo. Después de dos años en el programa, LJMS premia a los estudiantes que cumplen con los requisitos de asistencia y competencia musical con un instrumento que pueden conservar de por vida.

Las investigaciones sugieren que los estudiantes de música superan a sus compañeros que no son músicos, y al ofrecer instrumentos gratuitos e instrucción bilingüe, el CMC les brinda a los estudiantes, que normalmente no pueden participar en programas de música, esa ventaja. Con el apoyo de un personal docente de nueve miembros dedicado y calificado, las vidas de los estudiantes cambian para siempre, desarrollando un aprendizaje crítico y habilidades para la vida a través de la creación musical.