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The JAI Landon Akiyama


Named after magnanimous donors Joan and Irwin Jacobs, The JAI is a flexible and contemporary space whose open floor plan allows it to transform from a cabaret or night club to an elegant setting for a formal dinner, or even a private meeting/symposium space. The iconic window to Fay Avenue offers an elegant touch for receptions, while drawing a curtain creates a more intimate concert environment. A temporary stage can be installed, and in-house, cutting-edge lighting and sound systems will help bring your event to life. Three sets of doors open from The JAI directly to The Wu Tsai QRT.yrd beyond, expanding the room’s flexibility for a wide variety of options. 

The Conrad’s exclusive vendors are standing by for catering services, valet parking, custom cocktails and any equipment you might need to support your event. Whether you need rows of tables and chairs with coffee service for a lecture, or full linens, silverware, and decorations for a gala fundraiser, The JAI is an ideal venue. 

The JAI offers the function and utility of a theatrical “black box” in a much more sophisticated and stylish shell.


250 standing

144 in rows

144 in cabaret setup

120 at round tables 


Back of House & Support

Adjacent to The JAI is a generously equipped catering kitchen, along with a service corridor running from Fay Avenue to Bishops Lane. This corridor offers your artists and presenters a secure backstage area and can double as additional staging space for caterers and service providers. The audio and lighting control booth is on the second level.

Take a look inside The JAI with the
San Diego Tijuana World Design Capital 2024


  • Multi-use adaptable venue
  • Secured courtyard space 
  • Full catering kitchen & catering partners 
  • Full service bar/concessions on site 
  • Dressing/Bride’s rooms available 
  • Box Office on-site 
  • High-speed Wi-Fi throughout 
  • Company switches for additional power 
  • Full color LED lighting 
  • Concert sound system in-house 
  • Portable & flexible staging
  • Projection Capabilities
  • Loading dock with lift 
  • Digital signage & displays

Event Possibilities

band performing for audience

Chamber Music Concerts

Ranky Tanky

Amplified Performances

The JAI Landon Akiyama

Lectures, Meetings, & Panels

Receptions, Dinners, & Galas

flower and place setting

Audio & Video Recording Projects

Blonde singer in green dress performing in a jazz club

Live Streamed Events

The Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center Street View at night