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Joffrey Ballet Dancers

Dance Society

Dance is expensive. Each dance performance requires program support to the tune of $25,000-$50,000. Presenting the very best dancers in the world requires us to secure companies two to four years in advance of their performance, meaning we need program support several years in the future. In order to fulfill San Diego’s clear desire for dance and ballet performances by the very best artists in the world, the Dance Society was created. We are grateful for each patron for their passion and support of our dance programs.


For more information, contact:

Ferdinand Gasang
Director of Development

Dance Society Members

Grand Jeté

Jeanette Stevens

Marvin and Bebe Zigman


June and Dr. Bob Shillman

Carolyn Bertussi


Elaine Galinson and Herbert Solomon

Larry Marcus

Annie So


Susan E. Trompeter, M.D.

Demi Pointe

Beverly Fremont

Saundra L. Jones


Rebecca Kanter

Joani Nelson