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REVIEW: Chopin Competition Prize Winner Bruce Liu Awes La Jolla Audience with Solo Recital at The Conrad

Ken Herman
San Diego Story

June 1, 2024


Bruce Liu brought the La Jolla Music Society’s 2023-2024 piano series to a triumphant finale Friday at The Conrad. The 27-year-old Canadian virtuoso combined breathtaking technical prowess with a depth of personal interpretation that kept the sold-out audience at the edge of their seats the entire evening. At least until until Liu’s closing cadence of each piece, which elicited an authentic standing ovation from the sold-out house. And by authentic standing ovation, I mean when everyone immediately rises to their feet—not the typical sloppy San Diego standing ovation where a few people stand at the end of the piece while gradually the rest of the audience stands up because someone in front of them is blocking their view of the stage.