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San Diego Academy of Ballet & Ballet Theatre

Winter Gala

Saturday, December 2, 2023

SDAB Winter Gala


Featuring Artists

Lori Hernandez

Marshall Whiteley

Kelsey Minzenmayer

Katya Tchernychev

Hemingway Smith

Arlene Gil

Olivia Colmenarez

Hannah Johnson

Matthew Stephenson



About the Program:

This is not a ‘tie for watching paint dry’ mind numbing dance recital, promise. This is a memory making ballet program of head turning kids and pros alike.

The ideal cocktail of new works and a traditional favorite, SDAB’s Winter Gala is a hybrid of original ballet choreography for Act 1; and for Act 2, an adventure from the icy snow scene in to ‘The Land of the Sweets’ from The Nutcracker.

Act one’s original works is a showcase of both the school’s most promising and ambitious ballet dancers, as well as seasoned pros, all harnessed within a Holiday themed act. Act two is an adventure to ‘The Land of the Sweets,’ where professional ballet dancers take the stage in one of the most majestic and timeless ballets tantamount to universal Holiday tradition.

About San Diego Academy of Ballet & Ballet Theatre:

San Diego Academy of Ballet & Ballet Theatre (SDAB) is a top tier ballet school founded in 2001 that develops elite professional ballet dancers. For those committed to pursuing ballet simply for the love of it however, with no aspirations of a professional career, the quality of SDAB’s training, performance opportunities, and personal development is identical.

We are not for everyone. We are for those who are allergic to average and invested in exceptionalism – no matter the age, the agenda, the level, SDAB is a sacred and dynamic school committed to setting the standard, and not catering to it.

The most prestigious ballet schools and companies in the world- American Ballet Theatre, School of American Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Boston Ballet, The Royal Ballet – have SDAB alumni amongst their ranks, and children from as young as two, and adult beginners in their seventies, all engage in unparalleled training at premium facilities in Kearny Mesa.

Come make your pointe with us.