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La Jolla Music Society

Meow Meow

SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2024 • 5 PM & 7:30 PM


Sequins and Satire, Divas and Disruptors: The Wild Women of the Weimar Republic



Cabaret Vibes! This performance is held in The JAI, our intimate concert space where one can enjoy wine, cocktails, table-service, and more.



Meow Meow is a postmodern cabaret sensation, a “phenomenon … an international siren, a comedienne extraordinaire, and a creator of beautiful mayhem” (Broadway World). Her new show is a thought-provoking and wildly entertaining tip-of-the-top-hat to the Republic’s notable “wild women,” both fictional and real. Vamps and “New Women”, Sirens and “Poor Girls”, Anita Berber, Lotte Lenya, Valeska Gert, Blandine Ebinger, Margo Lion, Claire Waldoff, Dietrich and more. Like Meow Meow, these were women of many talents—composers, singers, dancers, poets, actors, sociopolitical influencers, revolutionaries, and ciphers of desire. In this brand-new show, Meow Meow channels the era’s urgent blend of art, entertainment, and winking social commentary.


“She’s part of a neo-cabaret scene that spikes nostalgia for bygone chanteuses with the danger and urgency of performance art.”
The New Yorker