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La Jolla Music Society

Andy Mann

Making Waves: Summit To Sea

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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2024 · 7:30 PM





Experience the wonder of our underwater world through riveting stories by Emmy Award-nominated director, Nat Geo photographer, and accomplished musician Andy Mann. For the past decade, Andy has traveled the seven seas to show the interconnectedness of our planet. His work has enabled the protection of large sections of wilderness, including the world’s largest Arctic National Park in Franz Josef Land.

Andy’s career as a photographer and film director has humble roots: a decade documenting the world’s best climbers in most remote mountain ranges of the world. His love for adventure and storytelling led him to National Geographic Magazine and into his true passion of protecting the oceans. In 2013 his work alongside National Geographic Pristine Seas was awarded the Crystal Compass Award from the Royal Geographic Society for the storytelling that led to the designation of the world largest Arctic National Park in Franz Josef Land, Russia. In 2015, Andy directed the first Oceano Azul Foundation expedition to Azores leading to the declaration of 150,000 square kilometers of new Marine Protected Areas in the Azorean Sea.

In 2016, Andy helped to launch the nonprofit SeaLegacy with Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier. In 2017 he co-directed the award-winning National Geographic/SeaLegacy expedition to Antarctica, presenting the final work at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Buenos Aires, Chile. His work in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean between 2018 and 2021 helped to create the world’s very first international marine protected area, resulting in official presidential invitations from Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, and Colombia during their signing ceremonies. Andy became a co-founder of SeaLegacy, where he leads the organization’s impact media team, creating storytelling assets to campaign and lobby for marine protections around the world.

Andy is also a public speaker and songwriter and continues to work with students and classrooms around the world to inspire the next generation of ocean ambassadors.