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Visiting Presenter

Vivaldi's Magic

CAMARADA presents

Vivaldi’s Magic

long lost Vivaldi and other magical music


Get Ready to Rock the Baroque!

Dive into a world of musical wonders as we present long-lost treasures and transform them into a modern-day beat.

Join us on a journey through time and sound as we infuse the vibrant energy of rock into the Baroque masterpiece La Notte – The Nightmare by Antonio Vivaldi; bring the mesmerizing melodies of Couperin to life with viola and double bass; introduce you to the groundbreaking sounds of Conceirto Barocco by Enrique Gonzalez-Medina; and add another layer of depth with J. C. Bach’s Quartet for violin, viola, cello & piano.

Featuring an ensemble of virtuosos including flute, string quartet, double bass, keyboard, and guitar, this concert experience will take you an adventure through the ages, where every note is a revelation, and every moment is pure magic.

Music of Antonio VivaldiJosé Enrique González-MedinaFrancois Couperin and J. C. Bach.

Beth Ross Buckley, flute
David Buckley, violin
Angela Xing, violin
Travis Maril, viola
Abe Liebhaber, cello
Andrés Martín, double bass
Dana Burnett, piano/harpsichord
Fred Benedetti, guitar


Concert kindly underwritten by Jeffrey Barnouw.